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Freddie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier born around 2012. He's great with people but can become quite aloof with strangers, however once he gets to know you Freddie is a very loyal dog with a fantastic personality. Freddie enjoys his walks and walks well on the lead. Whilst he's great with people he would like a home with no other pets, Freddie requires some socialising with other animals.

Dogs:  Freddie isn't too keen on other dogs and therefore needs a home with no other pets.

Cats:   Freddie would not like a home with cats.

Children:   We would not place Freddie in a home with children.


Freddie is an adorable staffie!! He seems to have overcome his slight nervousness with people and now making new human friends is his favourite pass time, he just craves any attention he can get. This is making his training much much easier. The commands he knows he will now follow without any hesitation and even with fairly high distractions in the vicinity, we are using clicker training and this seems to have completely changed Freddie's outlook on things. He certainly still needs more work with other animals but his thresh hold is much higher; he will now stand a few meters away from a calm dog and direct all his attention onto his handler fairly easily.

Freddie likes things that keep his mind active, we play 'go find it' games with his meals instead of putting the food in a bowl as this keeps him active for longer. We also give Freddie plenty of things that he can chew (as chewing is a great stress reliever) or a stuffed kong. He is a very active dog that needs tiring out both in mind and in body. He is even beginning to play with toys, toys were a complete mystery to him when he first came to us but he now starting to show an interest. 

Freddie is a wonderful dog that has come on leaps and bounds while he's been with us, he needs someone with patience and understanding who is willing to continue what we have started.  

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