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Freddie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier born around 2012. He's great with people and is a very loyal dog with a fantastic personality. Freddie enjoys his walks and walks well on the lead. Whilst he's great with people he would like a home with no other pets.

Dogs:  Freddie prefers a home with no other pets.

Cats:   Freddie would not like a home with cats.

Children:   We would not place Freddie in a home with children under 15+.


Freddie enjoys his walks and walks very well on the lead and will sit and give his paw very politely for a treat.

He is an affectionate boy, he soon relaxes with new people and loves a cuddle and a fuss.  He seems to have overcome his slight nervousness with people and is now making  new human friends in his favourite pastime.

Freddie likes things that keep his mind active, we play "go find it" games with his meals instead of putting the food in a bowl, as this keeps him active for longer.  He is an active dog that needs tiring out both in mind and in body, but once exercised, would love to relax for a fuss.  He is beginning to play with toys, toys were a complete mystery to him when he first came to us but he's now starting to show an interest and likes to find new toys in our garden.

Whilst he's great with people he would like a home with no other pets, and can live with children 15+.  Freddie is a wonderful dog that has come on in leaps and bounds whilst he has been with us.

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