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Zach is an adoring (born 2009) male Staffordshire Bull Terrier who sadly found himself in rescue when a member of the public rescued him from a situation where he was being beaten by his owner. He needs an adult only home with no other animals 

Despite what he has been through he is very loyal when he knows someone but does need time to get to trust you. 


Dogs:  Zach is looking for a home where there are no other dogs.

Cats:  Zach does not want to be in a home with cats.

Children:  Zach would be suited to a home with childen aged 14+ years. 



Zach needs to get to know and trust people, he will not look at faces or make any eye contact.  He loves people once he knows them and to have company but doesn't seem to like attention, for example, when you go to fuss him he will back off and look at you like he is expecting worse. We are using clicker training to help him over come his fear of strangers

Since we have started clicker training Zach is constantly improving. He will now go for walks with the people he knows and behaves perfectly. He is now really enjoying his walks and being out and about. Although he is still uncomfortable around new people it now takes him less time to except friends, walking Zach is a must to gain his trust!! It will take him two or three meet and greets before Zach considers people ‘safe’ but now once he has made friends he will actually run up to people to greet them and have a little fuss, there was certainly none of this when he first came to us


Zach seems to know basic commands but is very easily distracted.  He will now walk very nicely on a harness but will pull terribly on a collar. Zach loves to play but it must be controlled play as he can get out of hand if he gets too worked up, however he is learning to calm down and is making great headway with this. Another of Zach’s loves is the paddling pool!!! He will spend hours splashing about in the cool water and then once he has tired himself out he will just lie down in the pool and rest.


Considering how far Zach has come since he has been with us with a little more time and patience Zach will make someone a very loyal companion



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